Thursday, 6 October 2016

Oct Ist Pictures

What a good turnout on Saturday October Ist!

What a good turnout on Saturday October Ist in Rudry Village Hall!! Many thanks from Elaine, Janet and Pat from Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust.

A special thanks to Fiona Lewis, the new clerk to DWR Community Council, who sent out emails for us and helped with all the humping of tables and chairs for the event. Special thanks also for those who helped in the kitchen – a vital operation!

We were pleased that so many local Conservation Groups brought their displays. We awere all very pleased to welcome Hefin David thee Assembly Member for Caerphilly. There was a total of seven of our local Caerphilly County and Community Councillors, and four County Officers. It was so good to have all this support.

It was also good to be able show our appreciation for the Community Council grants that Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust received this year to support the Open Doors Day at Ruperra Home Farm.

We also were very pleased to see Charlie Ferris, patron of the Friends of the New port Ship, and a community councillor in Newport. He told us how communities working together can make progress.

The star turn of course was the BTM Next Generation Brass Band. They are so professional and added a really enjoyable pleasant and festive air to the occasion.

Here are some pictures from the event.