Tuesday, 7 July 2020


Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust
Ymddiriedolaeth Diogelu Castell Rhiw’rperrai
Patron / Nodwr  Jack Hanbury Deputy Lieutenant of Gwent.
President / Llywydd  Jeff Cuthbert Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent.

RE: 19/0788/LBC and 19/0787/COU: Conservation repairs and conversion of ancillary listed buildings consisting of the Former Dairy and Laundry 19/0790/LBC and 19/0789/COU : Carry out conservation repairs, conversion and change of use of ancillary curtilage building consisting of a former Greenhouse store to provide an alternative bat roost at Ruperra Castle Rudry Road to Craig Llan, Rudry.
You may have already sent in an objection to the above applications, but if you haven’t please could you do so now? Even if you have objected previously, , there is no harm in adding extra points.  We are also writing to the heritage experts who have helped us in the past.  We find it incomprehensible that Cadw has said that it has no objection to the planning applications, so we feel we must stand up for the Castle as a Scheduled Ancient Monument and 2* Listed Building.  We hope you agree and that you will use some or all of the following points in your email or letter:
1. There is no mention of repair to the Castle in these applications despite the numerous designations that are supposed to protect the area and its precious heritage assets; 
2. NRW has lodged a holding objection to the applications subject to more surveys being undertaken of the protected species on the site - including a nationally important maternity roost of Greater Horseshoe Bats in the Generator Block - and redesign to reduce its ecological impact;
3.  SAVE Britain’s Heritage gave money for repair of the South Porch, but this had to be used to remove a dangerous chimney stack; before the proposed work on the Porch could re-start. The owner carried out unauthorised clearance work so the licence for further work on the Castle was withdrawn by NRW;
4. In RCPT’s view residential use of the Stable Block and Bothy would bring activity, lighting and noise close to the Castle at all hours of the day and night, removing any prospect of an environmental and ecological solution that would accord with the Climate Emergency declared by the Council and with the Council’s duties under the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Act; and
5. The Environment (Wales) Act of 2016 put in place legislation necessary to manage Wales’ natural resources in a more proactive, sustainable and joined up way. Further to this protection is the letter to all Heads of Planning from Neil Hemington, Chief Planner, Welsh Government, dated 23 October 2019 stating that: Planning Policy Wales Edition 10 sets out (in para 6.4.5) that “planning authorities must seek to maintain and enhance biodiversity in the exercise of their functions.  This means that development should not cause any significant loss of habitats or populations of species, locally or nationally and must provide a net benefit for biodiversity.”  
Because of the above RCPT considers that both applications should be refused.  Unless Welsh Government decides to call-in the applications, decisions on them are likely to be taken by Caerphilly County Borough Council this autumn.  We urge you to write to the Council with your views to: planadmin@caerphilly.gov.uk
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Many thanks                                                     Pat Jones-Jenkins, RCPT Secretary
Registered in Cardiff / Cofrestrwyd yng Nghaerdydd .Rhif 6656134    Charity Number / Rhif Elisen 1135940 
Chair / Cadair  Kay Powell powellkays@gmail.com   Sec./Ysgr patjonesjenkins@googlemail.com 01656 741622
Registered address Cyfeiriad cofrestredig / Areithin,  Heol Ton,  Ton Kenfig,  CF33 4PS    www.ruperra.wales

Sunday, 19 April 2020

"the Dutch born widow"

In the very first page of our website, there us a reference in the introduction to the "Dutch born widow " of Lewis Morgan of Ruperra.
You can now read an account of the historical background to the "dutch born widow".
If you are a budding history student or just interested you may like to do a bit of your own research about the Dutch -Ruperra connection. Below is Part 1 of the story.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Ruperra Events Cancellation

Who could have foreseen this! We'd all been working hard at providing interesting events and they're all on hold now until further notice.  This takes us up to the Conference on August 22, when we dare not presume that the Coronavirus will have left us. 
The following Saturday, a History Society group from Bridgend were going to come to Ruperra for the first time for their annual trip. 
Can we hope that the virus will have left us by our Open Doors Day in September? Probably not soon enough to organise the event.
Regarding the Castle, let's hope it is standing up reasonably well to the weather as it has done since 1941, even though there is the added onslaught of Climate Change.
Next year on December 9th 2021 it will be the 80th 
anniversary of the fire that gutted the inside. Here's a picture of the Banqueting Hall after the fire. 

The following picture shows the harm that could be done from the current planning application before Caerphilly Council.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Sorry Folks- walk on Sunday 23rd February is cancelled

We waited for a more supportive weather forecast , but it didn't come. On Sunday morning the ground conditions will be bad as well as more rain and wind coming.
Keep looking at the programme for later events.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Events for 2o2o Weather permitting !!

Programme of events for this year 2020       
Phone 07713 634854 to check cancellations

February 23rd Sunday. A Landscape walk. Parking in the Hollybush Inn at 11.00 am and walking up to the hill fort on Coed Craig Ruperra for a view of the Castle and countryside and back. 2 Hour walk. Rough and sometimes wet ground but interesting.
February 28th Friday. 4:00 – 8:00 pm  The Co-op stores in Machen where the importance of Ruperra Castle will be explained to customers with our role in the Co-op local Causes Savings scheme. We now have £47.
March 21st Saturday.10:30 am. A walk to Lower Machen Church via Ironbridge led by Andrew and Cheryl Barker, Guides from Tredegar Park. Parking place to be arranged.   More details on this page later.
April 19th Saturday.  Photo Walk “Choosing the right site” led by Mike Smith and photographer/instructor Neil Llewellyn. www.picturesformywall.com Numbers limited, £30 pp: all proceeds to RCPT. More details from michaelbsmith@btinternet.com.
May  Date TBA Concert in Michaelston-y-Fedw Church - Jane Price arranging. Details later.
July 12 Sunday. 2:00-5:00 pm. Open Garden at Clytha Park for National Gardens Day. This is the home of our Patron Jack Hanbury and we will have our annual stall there promoting Ruperra.
August 22nd Saturday. Ruperra Castle Conference, funded by the National Lottery at Rudry Community Hall and arranged by RCPT and volunteers. Talks on History, the countryside, display by the Marcher Stuarts and a a buffet. Free entry
September 20th Sunday.  Open Doors Day at Ruperra Home Farm.
November AGM and Lunch. TBA

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

How to help Ruperra castle

Here's the castle in 2020
January 2020. There is a new planning application for Ruperra which is scary

  Why doesn't some one repair the Castle ? It is still standing since the big fire of 1941. Repairing it must be a priority, before another tower falls down.

Why do they want to move the horse shoe bats? They have a lovely home where they breed lots of little bats and feed them on insects, so important in keeping the planet alive.

The bats need the trees to guide them to their feeding grounds in the woodland. No more trees must be cut down.  SAVE OUR COUNTRYSIDE!

If they make the stables into flats, lots of people in big cars with flashing lights and loud noises  will frighten the little animals.The air will be polluted and you will not be able to see the stars in the skies. Our countryside will disappear for ever.

We need the green grass and tall trees of the castle grounds to take our children for walks and to play in the fresh air away from the traffic jams of the towns.  People must walk again at Ruperra.

Tell Caerphilly Planning department your views about the application.You can write to

Saturday, 28 December 2019

The turn of the Year .

2020 only six years to go to the 400th anniversary of when Ruperra Castle was built  -1626!